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With over 20 years experience of creating engaging arrangements for professional pantomime, Mark can create original openings, overtures, arrangements and innovative underscore for your production.

The resources are available in two packages:

Production Pack - includes everything needed to incorporate seemlesly into your production. Audio stems, click track and professionally formatted sheet music for MD, Vocals, Bass and Drums as well as a stereo reference mix. 

Track Only  - whilst you would love to have a live band for every performance, sometimes it isn't possible so we offer a full mixed track only option if you don't have the luxury of live musicians. 

Please read the terms and conditions below before use in your production

You can purchase and instantly download music and resources for your production by clicking below. 

Beauty & The Beast 2023

Robin Hood 2022 & 2023

Dick Whittington Overture

The Pied Piper Overture

Dick Whittington Opening

Aladdin Opening

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